Friday November 24th 2017
The Studio Space, Calgary

Magic Cabaret

Experience Magic, Sleight-of-Hand, and Illusion

Join us Friday, November 24th

"An Honest Cheat" - Tickets Now Available

Magicians are known to "use their powers for good" but some tricks of the trade are specifically created to con good people out of big money. They say "you can't cheat an honest man", and here is your chance to flirt with the dark side of bets that sound too good to be true, and games you can't lose. This performance will both demonstrate and explain classic con games, from card sharps to carnies, and you'll even learn how you can cheat your friends for fun and profit!

An Honest Cheat


About the Magic Cabaret

No smoke, no mirrors, just simply amazing. This initimate cabaret let's you experience mind-boggling, impossible magic and illusion almost within arms reach.

These tricks are not for kids. Sophisticated mysteries, recommended for adults and teens only.

The best way to experience the impossible is up close. The Magic Cabaret is limited to only 30 seats, allowing each guest the best vantage point. Reserve your seat early to be a part of the magic.

The performance runs 50 to 60 minutes, featuring expert sleight-of-hand, and amazing magic.

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The Studio Space
504 42 Ave SE

Event Produced By:

Wow Factor Productions

Phone: 403 775 2214